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PSA: DC Universe Online Bonus Nth Metal Week Ends Wednesday

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Here’s a quick PSA for those of you playing DC Universe Online. The Bonus Nth Metal Week is set to end this Wednesday. In case you want to hop in and check it out, here’s what you need to know before the event ends.

Nth Metal in DCUO is used to essentially rank up your artifacts. During this bonus event, the chances of enemies dropping this Nth Metal has been doubled. This event doesn’t grant bonus Artifact XP, however. Additionally, it does stack with the Nth Metal Detector if you grab one from the marketplace.

And in case you really missed it, a recent development update to the community noted that all DCUO episodes will be made free for all players ahead of the next expansion due sometime later this summer. This news follows Flashpoint which was made free for all.

The development update noted,

“First up, I can confirm we will make all episodes free to all players before our next major release later this summer.

As you know, Episode 40: World of Flashpoint was just released free to everyone, all episodes have been open (available to everyone with longer loot locks) since last March, and new episodes have come with free limited-time event versions for years.

These experiments have only shown us positives as more players are able to get right into content without barriers, so on we go.”

Additionally, be sure to check out MMO Reroll of DCUO where Mitch hopped back into the MMO to check it out and see just how well it stacks up in 2021. You can read his full thoughts over here.


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