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PSA: Crowfall Launches Today

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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After a lengthy testing period and several patches to the game, Crowfall is finally launching today. Her’es what you need to know if you plan on diving into the MMORPG.

The team over at ArtCraft Entertainment have propped up Crowfall as providing a unique MMO experience, focusing on the player agency aspect of the game. In a previous press release, they noted,

“Across all of the worlds in Crowfall, one key factor differentiates Crowfall: player agency.  Crowfall is a dynamic universe, where players control the direction of the game: cities will rise, castles will fall. Recruit an army and lay siege to your enemies. Hire an assassin to turn the tide of a campaign.  Form a band of mercenaries to raid your neighbor’s stronghold. The fate of the Dying Worlds will be determined by player decisions, choices that will reshape the battle and change the shape of this world, forever."

The launch today follows several delays to the original release. In fact, just last week, the free beta period ended. However, you could still continue playing Crowfall up until its release today if you had purchased the game.

The team had provided a timetable of sorts with key dates:

  • Wednesday, June 23, at 11:59 PM CDT (6:59 AM CEST), the free Beta phase of Crowfall will close.
  • Thursday, July 1, at 11:59 PM CDT (6:59 AM CEST), Beta Live Service closed. (Backers can still play on the TEST server beginning July 2nd. Download: com/en/client)
  • Thursday, July 1, at 11 AM CDT (6:00 PM CEST), forum maintenance (expected downtime of one day).
  • Tuesday, July 6, at 6 AM CDT (1 PM CEST), Launch

Are you planing on diving into Crowfall today? If you’ve played the game throughout the testing period, what are you most looking forward to in the live game today? Sound off with your thoughts below.


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