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PSA: Ashes of Creation Dev Stream Later Today

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Intrepid Studios has announced their next live stream for Ashes of Creation. Oh hey, that live stream is happening later today. Read on for details.

If you’ve seen these live streams before, it should be nothing new to you veterans. However, in case you’re new and haven’t yet had the chance to check out these streams, here’s the gist. The team will effectively provide an update on Ashes of Creation, any new features, and gameplay. Towards the end of the stream, a Q&A segment is held as the team takes questions from the community.

These questions are culled from the forum post announcing the stream, which can be found here. Questions this go around run the gamut from niche stats to spell archetypes. One question, for example, asks about weapon crafting,

“How detailed will weapon crafting be?

will we have premade blueprints we can craft or will we be able to mix and match parts?

like for example

if i make a sword will i be able to craft it like




and maybe material?

or will they work like entire [recipes]?”

Today’s stream can be viewed on the official Ashes of Creation Twitch channel here. The show starts at 11a PDT / 2p EDT. Previous dev discussions discussed such things like the environment, along with their own Q&A. In fact, if you missed it, you can check out our recap here. As a quick reminder, the Alpha One playtest was delayed out of June and is set to start July 14. Following that news, Steven Sharif announced the lifting of a verbal NDA, although the visual NDA still exists.


Poorna Shankar