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Proving Grounds This Weekend as The Crimson Harvest Returns to EVE Online - With a Twist

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If you’re looking for something to do this weekend, EVE Online brings back the Crimson Harvest event through November 9th, with a special Proving Ground this weekend.

In the Crimson Harvest event, there’s a new twist New Eden hasn’t seen before. Meet the Order of St. Tetrimon, and if you join the order to end the Crimson Harvest, you’ll reap rewards. But what if there was another option? This year, there is. For the first time, you can take the side of the Blood Raiders, and you can preserve the Crimson Harvest. New Eden will also reflect the Crimson of the event.. The dual sided conflict is yours for the choosing this time around and the outcome remains to be seen. Will you try something new?

The event runs through November 9th and you’ll be able to score 90% PVP drops. The Malagrin Marshlight SKIN series  returns, this time with eight additional hulls getting them. Headhunter SKINs return as well, giving you lots of creepy options to outfit your ships for your travel across the galaxy. And if you buy PLEX packages during the event you’ll get a free Deathglow Hunters SKIN.

If you’re ready to fight this weekend, there will be a four player free for all destroyer Proving Ground which runs from today through November 2nd, celebrating the Crimson Harvest. This is only open to Destroyers of certain models: Corax, Catalyst, Algos, Thrasher, and Talwar class. Ship modules are limited up to level five and no pirate implants. Are you game for a fight? This is your chance before or after taking on the boosted PvP and extra treats of the event overall.

So if you’re looking to take on some challenges and maybe earn yourself some rewards, check out the Blood Raiders (and possibly join them) and rest of the Crimson Harvest event in EVE Online.


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