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GamersFirst has let us know that Acclaim will be shutting down 9Dragons servers tonight. As originally reported, the transition from Acclaim's publication of the game to GamersFirst was to take place in September and was to be a seamless move to transfer all characters to the new servers. The move seems to be an obvious tantrum on Acclaim's part for inexplicable reasons. To that end, GamersFirst is encouraging players to take digital inventory, screenshots and more.

GamersFirst urges all 9Dragons players to immediately:

  • Take digital inventory of items and characters
  • Create screenshots of all personal in-game inventory and characters
  • Save and document in-game status

"We regret to have to post such unfortunate and urgent news to our new 9Dragons player community," says Joseph Rush, Director of Operations for GamersFirst. "Regrettably, we cannot control what the current publishers do, but can help the 9Dragons community make the transition and keep as much as their account information as possible. Our teams are working fanatically to make sure that current players are aware of the potential situation and can hopefully reclaim their characters, status and in-game items when GamersFirst is able to publish 9Dragons in September."

GamersFirst is offering a promotion for the 9Dragon players abandoned by Playdom in the case that services are shut off. 9Dragons registrants for GamersFirst accounts, who enter the code 9Dragons, will receive special items in Sword 2, GamersFirst's RPG/RTS hybrid MMO and War Rock: Clan Warfare, the hit FPS MMO; until they can resume playing 9Dragons in September. The promotion will be in effect as of August 27th, 2010.

Check the new GamersFirst 9Dragons forums for more info.


Suzie Ford

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