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Prosperous Universe Overhauling Maps, Fixing UI, and Adding New Features in the Atlas Update

Christina Gonzalez Updated: Posted:
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There’s an update coming tomorrow for Prosperous Universe, with the Atlas update bringing new features to maps, a new mobile UI companion, new interactive planets, and more.

The update will go live tomorrow, February 10th, and is centered around improvements. Maps, offer a new way to filter resource deposits, populations, and other information that you might need. The highlight section in the new settings lets you select from a range of items like bases or public infrastructure that you will be able to see after word as icons on the map. In other words you can create your own map keys based on your particular preferences and needs. These maps will also be integrated into the mobile UI for greater access.

There's also a change to trade so you can create restrictions on who you want to accept your local market ads. You can block players from accepting your market ads if you don't want to trade with them. there are also changes to taxation oh, where you can actually define a tax rate for expertise category and the workforce so tax rates can vary.

There are new government programs available where a governor will be able to select  from four categories of programs. These programs will run for a week and they will affect different resources or actions. Immigration, for instance, will attract a workforce. If you choose to run an education program it will increase the rate that workforces level up and might increase the tier they are in. A festivity program will just make everyone happier so that might also help them produce more. There are three different versions  of most of these programs that will have increasingly strong effects. You can implement programs simply by using cash and they don't require any materials to start.

Atlas also features  a series of changes and fixes in the update including a new color scheme for the material categories to make things easier to sort or get the info you need, HQ upgrade costs have been reworked to include a variety of materials. a series of UI and UX issues in the mobile version have been addressed like it is now possible to transfer shipments, the slider that you used to select the amount of materials to transfer will now work better, and more.

For the full list of changes to Prosperous Universe, check out the update notes.


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