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Prosperous Universe Convergence Update Adds Private Contracts, Cancellations, and Gradual Ship Upgrades

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Prosperous Universe gets some new features as part of the game’s Convergence update. The update features new ship enhancements and options, custom contracts, and even contract termination.

You can now upgrade your ships in a new way, as you won’t be limited to just building a whole ship as before. Instead of having to carefully collect everything in advance to be able to make the ship you want, Pro level members can now choose two blueprints and this will start an ongoing ship upgrade project. 

What this means is that you will be able to pick an origin blueprint and a second blueprint with features that you’re looking to upgrade to. This lets you enhance and upgrade your ship over time and the cost for the upgrades will be the difference between the origin blueprint and the second one. 

The update also introduces custom contracts and changes contracting to let people agree to a mutual cancellation. Custom contracts work by using one of three templates similar to the templates for market ads, buy, sell, and equipment. Once you have set your contract and terms, you can send it to any player to review. You don’t need to use the market to make an offer. This is also a Pro-level feature, but any level account can choose to accept and close a contract. So if you’re a free player, you can still benefit from offers made to you.

Canceling a contract is also now a possibility if you mutually agree that it just isn’t working out:

“With contract termination we introduce the option to terminate a contract by mutual consent. Any party can send a termination request to the other party. Once the other party sends a termination request back the contract is being marked as terminated. The conditions are handled in the same way as if a breach would have happened. Payments are written off, provisioned goods are un-provisioned etc. A terminated contract will not influence the company rating.”

Read the full notes over at Prosperous Universe.


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