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Proposed LotRO Currency Changes On Hold For Now After Player Feedback

Joseph Bradford Updated: Posted:
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Standing Stone Games have announced they are putting the proposed changes to many of the upcoming currencies in The Lord of the Rings Online on hold, citing player feedback.

The discussion around the currency changes, specifically changes coming to Embers of Enchantment, Figments and Motes as part of Update 32 had many in the LotRO community questioning the direction of the MMO - specifically as it pertained to pay-to-win fearsLord of the Rings Online is notoriously grindy at the end game, something many have mentioned the proposed changes would simply add to, especially if there isn't a new way to gain these currencies. Reliance on lootboxes for endgame gear has players worried these currency changes will only make fears of P2W mechanics being introduced into LotRO come true.

The studio announced today, however, that these changes are on hold after reading through much of the feedback being offered. The team states that the plans being proposed are now "on hold," and that the team will be using the feedback on offer should they "decide to revisit" the changes.

This does leave some room for the currency changes to come to fruition in some way down the road, but it is clear that community outcry to the changes have had some effect. The reaction to the announcement that this is now on hold has been met with some praise on Twitter, with many players thanking the studio for listening. 

LotRO's update 32 is in the works, expected to arrive mid-February and will conclude the storyline told in the recent Gundabad expansion. The latest addition to Lord of the Rings Online, the Fate of Gundabad is pretty great, check out our review for more.


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