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Prolific Game Guide Writer Rusel Demaria Seeking Help On His Road to Recovery

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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If you ever purchased a gaming guide, you have probably read some of Rusel Demaria's work. As a prolific guide writer, Demaria has been helping gamers find their way since the earliest days of computer gaming. We recently received a tip that Rusel is suffering from hard times on his road to recovery after injuring his DI joins, suffering from a bout of shingles and from damage suffered to his femoral nerve causing near constant pain. He and his partner are reaching out to gamers for help.

Rus works diligently on his physical therapy, progressing from a wheelchair to a walker and now to using forearm crutches and being able to walk without added assistance at home. I remember vividly the first time he moved his leg independently. What a miracle that was and how something so simple that we take for granted could be such a triumph. Rus has come to terms with his injuries and sees them as the challenge of his life. His goal is to return to Tai Chi and inspire others. Rus was recently accepted into a stringent month-long Functional Restoration and Pain Psychology Program at Swedish Hospital, which will begin in April. This program will provide him with 15 hours of multi-modality rehab weekly. We are excited and hopeful to have this opportunity to have focused time with experts in several fields. At the same time, we will be paying co-pays for up to 5 professionals 3 days a week and we will incur transportation costs.

Read more about Rus's journey to recovery on his GoFundMe page.

Thanks to our anonymous tipster for the heads up!


Suzie Ford

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