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Project X Brings New Vehicles, Maps & the Italian Peninsula Into the Game

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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War Thunder has been updated to bring "Project X" into the game that includes new vehicles, new maps and a new location on the Italian peninsula. In addition, aircraft and ground vehicle sounds have been completely reworked to provide a more realistic presentation.

The Lagoda map is now part of the game and is specifically for aircraft, while other locations in Italy are provided as battlegrounds for combined arms battles.

In the hangar players can now utilize “Protection Analysis”. This function allows players to choose a tank and check the vulnerability of any part of it. For the attacking side players can set a model of a tank, a type of shell, distance, and direction of a hit. A complicated algorithm will show the chance of a ricochet, penetration and which modules of the attacked tank will be damaged by the hit.

War Thunder aviation now features a completely new weapon - remote control bombs, whose flight can be slightly corrected to hit targets more precisely. A perfect weapon against ships.

Learn more by visiting the War Thunder site.


Suzie Ford

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