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Project Gorgon Updated with New Solo-Oriented Dungeon, Game Balance Changes & More

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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The Project Gorgon site has a new post detailing the latest changes to the game. Players can look forward to a new solo-oriented dungeon experience in the Rahu Sewers as well as significant game balance changes in areas such as treasure rebalance, damage-type calculation changes, base damage changes, ability damage formulae tweaks and more.

Rahu Sewers This update includes a new solo-oriented dungeon, the Rahu Sewers. This dungeon hides many secrets and is home to new types of level 60 creatures. Some of these monsters pose new challenges to overcome, and the dungeon itself holds various tools to help you overcome them. (Along with the many tools that already exist in the game!) While the dungeon is intended for solo (or duo) play, there are also a few Boss monsters tucked away as challenges for pick-up groups. They aren't pushovers, though. If you run into a boss warning screen, don't get complacent: the boss curses here are real!

Check out the Project Gorgon site for the full update notes.


Suzie Ford

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