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Project: Gorgon Details Latest Patch, Improves UI

Plus many more tweaks to chat, monsters, and more

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The newest patch for Project: Gorgon focuses heavily on UI improvements. Here are the patch notes.

Several items like the overhead labels, avatar portrait, close last panel, and more have been directly addressed by this latest patch:

  • The "overhead labels" GUI options are now enabled by default. This change will override your old settings, meaning that if you don't want overhead labels on, you'll need to go into the Settings window and turn them off again. (Sorry about that.)
  • The "avatar portrait" GUI option is now enabled by default. We've made a lot of improvements to the portraits in this update, and while there's still a lot to do, we asked ourselves "Would you rather have portraits enabled, or a pointless blank space in the UI?" And for the first time, we decided portraits were better than nothing. So they're enabled! (But you can still turn them off in the settings, of course.)
  • The "Close Last Panel" keyboard command (default Escape key) no longer closes the Pet UI. (Experimental, feedback desired! The old behavior just felt wrong most of the time.) You can still close the pet UI by pressing the pet-UI key (default P) or pressing the pet icon on the bottom bar.
  • Another experimental tweak to the "Close Last Panel" keyboard command (default Escape key): if no closeable panels are found, it tries to clear your current selection instead. If you have no selection, it shows the system menu, as before.
  • The Recipe window now has back/forward history buttons (to let you view the previous recipe you were looking at)
  • Floaty damage numbers that affect both health and armor at the same time have been combined into one number. If the damage was split between health and armor, it will be shown in orange. If the damage was applied entirely to health, it will be shown in red. (If you prefer the old format you can use the special GUI setting DualFloaties to get the old behavior back, at least for now. This may end up being obsoleted unless lots of players indicate that they prefer it.)
  • Hide permanent effect icons: you can now remove clutter from your effect-icons bar by hiding your "permanent" effects (ones without a timer duration, such as Armor Bonuses and Curses.) There's a little "..." icon in the effect bar to turn them on and off.
  • Some permanent effects that previously didn't have an effect icon (to avoid adding too much clutter) now have an icon. Most notably, Spawn Premonition buffs are now shown.
  • Changed the visual effects for monsters who feel vulnerable. (Still a work in progress.)

Other changes to the patch include chat-specific items. For example, color customization of chat channels is now available. You can also share recipes in chat now as well. The patch also introduces a rate-limiter to reduce particle spamming in towns. Several high-level monsters also received buffs.

Bee hive encounter revisions, monsters and mantids, fairy tweaks, animal husbandry preview, and bug fixes were also covered off in the extensive patch notes. You can read the full notes of what’s new and changed here.


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