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Project C Founders Pack listed for $149.99, Closed alpha being planned for October

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Upcoming sandbox MMO Project C has a Founder’s Pack listed for $149.99 available for preorder, with a closed alpha planned for October of this year.

The Founders Pack lists several included items such as gameplay items in the forms of tokens, in-game customization such as emotes, included in-game currency, and more.

Additionally, a message posted on Discord revealed a closed alpha to begin by the end of October, according to Massively OP.

“Hi @everyone , as some of you might have noticed, we’ve just launched a Founder's Program on our website, which is available for interested players. We wanted to tell you first here on Discord and share how we're building this program.

Our vision for Project C is to create a metaverse-like, open-world experience. You'll settle on Corvus and are going to need some help. We want to make sure Founders feel good about their participation. So our program must deliver in these ways:

- Commemorative: We’re going to offer exclusive items that celebrate the game, as well as the opportunity to secure customized profile and in-game tags.

- Valuable: We’ll be including some really cool in-game content and some in-game currency that will offer status and convenience. We'll introduce them over time in the closed beta, then reset them for you at open beta.

- Access-granting: Founders will immediately be eligible to play during our Closed Alpha testing period, which will start with the release of the 0.5 version (by the end of October), and be granted access to a private founder’s section in Discord.

We want to thank all of you who have tested, joined our community and are already an important part of this journey. If you're already testing Project C, you'll continue to have access to the game, regardless of whether you join the Founder's Program or not. We'll have more specifics about the program in the future and are open to hearing your thoughts in #discussion-project-c and we'll try our best to answer questions about it in #ask-darewise.”


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