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Project Awakening Speculation Ramps Up After CSM Impressions Shared, With CCP Set to Reveal More Soon

The Initiative leader has had concerns addressed and left with a positive outlook

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It has been a while since we’ve heard anything official about CCP Games’ Project Awakening, its announced blockchain game that is one of the company’s branches off the EVE Online IP. However, there has been some recent speculation on the part of the community, including blogger NosyGamer, who has a new update speculating on just where things might be going.

Pearl Abyss’ recent earnings call is where this all started. Since Pearl Abyss acquired CCP several years back, there was some relevant info in the earnings info. Namely, that CCP conducted some testing and has plans “to showcase Project Awakening within the first half of this year”. This is already something to look forward to, since this should mean more reveals are on the way. We are about to enter March, after all, so the first half of the year is sometime in the next three months.

CCP also met with the Council of Stellar Management early this month to discuss a number of topics, an estimated 40 hours of discussion over a period of five days. NosyGamer repeated suspicions that Project Awakening could be a Web3 port of EVE Online, but there has been some new info and speculation stemming from that CSM meeting with the devs.

It really gets interesting when the leader of The Initiative, Dark Shines, shares some impressions about a meeting (with CCP’s blessing) with the Project Awakening team. After expressing some concerns about “the nature of the tech it uses”, Dark Shines left with a much more positive general view. “By the end of the meeting I was far more confident in this as a product and the direction / vision CCP have for it and I'm looking forward to seeing where it goes.”

Ultimately, there are NDAs and we won’t know much for a while, but we now have this to chew over in all of that speculation as to what Project Awakening actually will be:“I know to avoid NFT, and the bad image with cash grabs on blockchain / crypto related stuff. However from talking to people at CCP it's clear that it is a game using a specific technology, and not using a technology and tacking a game on as an afterthought.”

Now, to wait and see what CCP will tell us all sometime in the next few months.


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