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Project 56 Becomes Ashfall, A Shooter MMORPG From NetEase Coming In 2023 To PC and Mobile Devices

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NetEase pulled the curtain back on its upcoming post-apocalyptic shooter MMORPG, Ashfall. Previously known as Project 56, Ashfall will be launching on both PC and mobile devices sometime in 2023.

Unveiled during the Tokyo Game Show going on in...well...Tokyo (via IGN), NetEase announced the name of their upcoming multiplayer title, as well as some more information about the setting and world players will inhabit. According to the Steam listingAshfall is a post-apocalyptic MMORPG set in the future where AI has devastated the world in a nuclear holocaust. Players will need to escape the Vault to find something called the Core of Creation in an effort to save the world.

Sounds a bit like Fallout when you think of it, really.

As far as gameplay, it's a bit light on actual details, though the trailer released today during the Tokyo Game Show shows some panning shots of the world that you'll explore. The team at Legendary Star Studio who are developing the title, show off a little bit of gameplay, seeing the player character shoot enemy bullet sponges, dodge enemy attacks and work as a team to take out monster than now inhabit the world.

One thing to note as well, Ashfall is touting the musical work of some big-name composers, such as legendary film composer Hans Zimmer,  No Time to Die composer Steve Mazzaro, and Fallout and Starfield composer Inon Zur. The official website even has some of the music available to listen to in order to get you ready for the world to come.

No exact release date was given, though NetEase states it will be out sometime in 2023 on both PC and mobile devices. 


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