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Profane's Character Creation Will Reflect the Same Sandbox Freedom

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In the latest preview offered by the Profane team, we now have a look at some of the work in character customization options and the design decisions driving what’s to come in the upcoming sandbox.

There's a short video showcasing how early development on the first stage of flocking looks like especially with the team's decision to have all hairstyles and customization options available without gender locking. 

Because Profane is a sandbox, this philosophy is also extended to character customization. The video displayed is an early stage of the blocking process and is concept art to show off some of the possibilities, but to also be able to compare the same features on different gender models. Prior to this stage was conceptualizing ideas and approving them by the art team. So while this is art, they do promise to have high-poly work in progress previews later.

In the series of previews the team has been putting out, we've seen progress over time on character customization and design, including short videos and clips over the course of their progress, including improvements on the same feature. Once again, they are looking for feedback on the entire process as shown,  as well as some of the design philosophies. 

Aside from having all customization options available without any gender lock,  there won't be too much difference in terms of the options available  between heritages. Some will have “more adornments than the others”.  How this will come about is to be revealed in depth later, but essentially, the sandbox idea drives everything including that they want players to be able to  have a lot of freedom in making your character.

Insane doesn’t plan to leave players without any guidance, however, as they do plan to have some kind of suggestions for each heritage. This is  just to give you an idea of what's possible, since, again, freedom to have your character your way is a principle here.

Visit the Profane site for more.


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