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Profane Updates Their Alpha Roadmap for November - Gathering and Housing Are Nearly Complete

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It has been a little while since Profane developers Insane Game Studio posted a roadmap depicting the games progress. In the November roadmap release, we see several items showing as complete or nearly completed, and the team has outlined exactly what their focus has been over the past few months.

Profane has been moving swiftly through their Alpha phase, with several features hitting a threshold where Insane believes they are mostly completed for the current phase of development. That doesn’t mean that everything has been advancing ahead of schedule, as the team has decided to deprioritize several features they have been working on. The team specifically notes that death in Profane is working, albeit for a few specific features, such as ragdoll physics, corpse loot UI, and Corpse inventory, which means that, in the current Alpha state, players that die simply become a pile of items, rather than a corpse that can be looted. Insane believes that, for the current stage of testing, this is fine, and they can move on to other features, and return to death and the way corpses are handled later.

On the upside, the map, along with the minimap, have been completed. Protective items to keep your home safe has been completely implemented in terms of functionality, and the Gathering system has been completed. Each of these features will be implemented in the next testing phase which has yet to be decided. The roadmap also has a few new cards that players can keep track of. Crafting UI has been added, along with a card for Guild Systems, both of which the team professes they have been actively working on.

Profane still has a long way to go, and there have yet to be any Alpha testing dates on the books. You can read more about the previous roadmap updates in our earlier coverage, and if Profane has caught your eye, follow our weekly Indie MMO Spotlight feature every Sunday and find out what you may have missed.


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