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Profane Shows Work in Progress on Procedural Generation and Creating Semisus

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The latest preview of work in progress design from the Profane team involves procedural generation. There’s a new video showing off some of the development using the Instant Terra software editor and a bit of background on how they’ve worked with it before.

Instant Terra isn’t new to the development of Profane, and they’ve featured it in a previous look at the partnership back in February with a different video  (below) showing how aspects of the world of Semisus were coming together. The software works to procedurally generate a variety of different types of terrain and geographical features to give developers a chance to build out varied worlds without having to micromanage their creation piece by piece.

The new video from this week’s update shows off some more of the types of biomes and scenery that they have created so far, and you can see beaches, rivers, canyons, titan rocks, and more in the great variety of lands.

While they show off the new regions in still shots in the video, they aren't ready yet but all of the regions "have been created with a simple click".  We’re still waiting on more in-motion video clips of the world, but this peek does show off some of the real progress made. The rough bits on a few of the clips, including grids and unfinished effects.

The team has planned from the start to include various biomes in the world, which of course makes for a lot of different places to explore in an MMORPG, But also to make the whole thing single shard. Because it's a sandbox and players can and will affect the world, the world needs to be able to adapt and change. This is where procedural generation comes in, and it is saving the developers time in creating some of what they need for the foundations of the world, while they can focus on adding the rest of what they need.

For more on the game, head over to Profane.


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