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Profane Shows Off NPCs of the Portinus Culture in Latest Teaser Video

Steven Weber Posted:
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Indie MMORPG Profane is back on track after posting their roadmap last week, detailing the numerous Alpha initiatives the team at INSANE intends to fix before the year is over. With that in mind, the team has posted a new teaser, showing off the outfits of the Portinus culture, just one of many from the tropical region of Semisus.

The NPC’s and environmental ambience of an MMORPG are quintessential to making virtual worlds feel alive. Profane is looking to do more than just throw a few NPCs in the game.

Factions in Profane will have NPC’s with their own jobs that will fulfill their own specified tasks to keep up the appearance of a living world. Apart from the short Twitter post that posted the video, INSANE took to their Discord to explain their thought process when creating quasi-functional NPCs.

(The NPCs) will be familiar sights for most settlements from this culture, and we wanted to talk about their roles in the game and what we hope to achieve with these NPCs.

To help fill the world and bring life to the many factions throughout the game, we are adding NPCs with mundane tasks (such as a regular villager or a fisherman) that will carry out basic activities to help keep their villages running. It helps to keep the narrative of the place alive by seeing them doing daily chores and gives room to immersion. We also want them to fit within Portinus' unique identity, and we want players to be able to recognize their culture through their clothing, behaviour, etc.

-Pimba, Profane Discord

INSANE went on to detail their use of guards in their cities. The type of guard you encounter may depend on the type of faction that rules the city. As a Sandbox MMO that will allow players to attack each other at will, the team intends to employ their Karma system in different ways, some of which will provide benefits for positive karma, while other players could see factional benefits from negative karma.

Some will enjoy receiving Negative Karma players within their territory and might attack Positive Karma players on sight! The other way around will happen too, so some settlements will be friendlier towards Positive Karma players. On the other hand, some might hate any kind of player and will attack anyone. And some might not care at all about any of this. The critical thing to understand is that guards will be there to reinforce their own faction's interest, which might not be aligned with what you want, so always keep an eye out for that.

-Pimba, Profane Discord

It sounds like guards in Profane will play a very integral part in the faction system. According to last week’s Roadmap, NPCs and the Faction system are still in very early development, so we hope to see this system evolve over time.


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