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Profane Shows Off Its Fabric Creation In Latest Twitter Dev Thread

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Profane, an indie sandbox MMORPG in development, has released a new developer thread showing off more of the MMO in progress. Released before the holiday weekend, the thread talked a bit about making cloth in game as well as showed off a few examples of what the team is working on for Profane.

The tweet, which includes a video showcasing the tool that the team uses for fabric and cloth creation, is a brief glimpse into the overall process. While the video itself doesn't have a voice-over, it does show many different styles as well as the workflow of creating new fabircs and cloth designs in Profane

In the thread, the team does talk a bit about desigining the fabric patterns to represent people in game, especially the Portinus culture, which uses "fabric and cloth on structures, architecture and aesthetics in general."

The thread goes on to shout out the senior 3D environment artist on the team, "Frango," and the work they are doing for Profane, namely creating a way for a small team to create hundreds of different fabric designs.

"He has been studying a viable way for 2 people to be able to create hundreds of different fabrics with the least amount of time possible while maintaining quality," the thread states

As such, the Substance Designer is being used in order to accomplish this goal. This tool lets the team generate fabrics, as seen in the video in the initial tweet. Profane states that one of the largest hurdles was just mastering the tool itself, as it is "very different from a traditional canvas."

Profane usually takes to Twitter to showcase portions of its design and MMO's progress. Recently the team showed off its character customization progress in a recent Twitter thread.


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