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Profane 's Massive Whale-Like Creature Finally Has a Name, and The Team Needs Help Naming Some Crabs

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 The Profane team’s latest preview includes a reveal for the name for a previously-unveiled huge whale-like creature you’ll find in the world of Semisus, as well as a new crab-like creature that also needs a name, along with some details.

The previously shared giant whale like creature now has an official name: Bahut (Ancients of the Seas). The name came courtesy of a couple of community suggestions as well as some tweaking by the game design team. Originally, a member named Castlekside suggested the name Balehutu, which sounded a little too close to the word for whale in Portuguese, baleia (pronounced ba-lay-uh). Another community member suggested “Baldessar, The Ancient of The Seas”. The team then changed the first name slightly and adopted the title from the second.

The original reveal of this creature back in February was not just an example of some of the fauna you'll find in Profane, but also player choices. Since Bahut is massive in size, its normal behavior tends to be more serene as it swims around in the waters, but it is capable of getting aggressive if it needs to defend itself.

If you are lucky enough to encounter it, and get close enough (via not yet revealed final mechanics), you may be able to get some rare resources that are on Bahut’s skin. Of course, such a valuable and huge creature would be a trophy for others who seek to simply hunt and kill it. Encountering it will be rare, so consider yourself fortunate regardless of what choices you make in what to do.

The team is also looking for feedback and a name for another creature, one they are currently referring to as “silk crab”. These are destined to be a source of silk that you can use to craft your cloth gear when the game is out.  

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