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Profane Roadmap Details New Working Systems, Updated Timelines, and Progress Towards Player Tests

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The latest roadmap update for Profane covering the month of July and progress made, is now here. The team has a number of updates, including what is closer to being ready, and some things that have been moved back a little bit in favor of devoting time to nearly-ready features and refining current progress to get to player testing.

Among the notable changes include item systems being almost ready but still lacking some variety changes that will be added. Armor will take a little more time for integration but the team says they're almost done.  Other things that still need time include the weather system, so the team moved weather to the upcoming list and they will work on it at a later date.

However, the number of systems that are ready or getting closer to ready, have grown significantly. These include the planning system, with things spawning into the world but using placeholder assets for now. The gathering system has been implemented, but content is still needed, and there's also a working crafting system that still needs some polish. 

The roadmap even has some new boards, like one for data persistence, meaning that the system will be able to track and save progress for characters created. The other new board covers Maps, and while there’s nothing released yet but that map news will be coming soon, it is another mark of progress.

Now that August is here, the team will be spending the first two weeks of the month refining everything they've done so far. In addition to fixing glitches and bugs, they're looking to fix several specific things before they start greater player testing. In essence, the list of known issues is something they want to narrow down before they let more players test the build, and also to prevent redundant reporting of those issues if they don’t fix them now.

You can check the full updated roadmap over at Profane


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