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Profane Previews Video of 3D Armor Sets, and Covers the Ways You'll Have to Gear Up in Your Story

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The Profane team has been updating on progress developing the game and this week’s planned updates feature a short video showing off armor sets and how they’re coming along. The team also updates on some important points about gear, skins, and how things will work.

Some of the info has already been released in prior months and weeks, which the intro tweet to this week's update makes humorously clear. “We've planned them beforehand because the person usually writing to you will be on vacation,” it reads”.

The armor sets do incorporate some of the Profane team’s previous design philosophy elements, in wanting to make the designs feel distinct in Semisus. Taking inspiration from a number of cultures and times, the video also notes in a card, “So we will take skins and vestments designs very seriously, to provide you with many different options that resonate with the narrative you want to create in Semisus.

This is related to the key points that also follow this week. The first is that gear will give some stat boosts, and you should pick which sets work best for whatever build you create. They insist that there will be "no huge power spikes” with gear. With the game being a sandbox, and an emphasis on player creation and determination, they “ don't want to see personal skill overshadowed by good equipment”.

Materials will also matter, since different variants will offer different types of boosts. The team plans for materials to matter in how they work and what you get out of them. Previously, they revealed that there could be spiderlike-crab type creatures whose silk you could use. These will apply to how you craft what you need.

The team is also planning work sets, which can help you with progression in proficiencies, like crafting, at a cost to combat stats, as an example cited. 

There will also be cosmetics for sale, and those designs can also help you to look how you want to. Insane promises there will always be a variety of options available across types, crafting, skins, and others to help you tell your story.

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