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Profane Previews Resources, Harvesting, and Gathering, and Competition Over Them in the Full-Loot Sandbox

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The Profane team has a new preview concerning resources and gathering them, as well as their role in crafting, and their role in an open-world sandbox.

Showing resources that reflect a world affected by so many temperaments and different influences, the preview highlights that you’ll find resources in many places, from deep sea creatures, to coral, fruit, flowers, places like birds nests, or even in shipwrecks. Of course, there's another clue here in the information that shipwrecks are going to be a very special find, since they “will grant rare loot and resources for those able to retrieve them!”.

All of this variety is in line with previous information and previews that showed off the diversity of the world itself and different environments to explore. It also lines up with a previous creature preview of a huge beast that could be conquered for significant resources, or killed for reward. It's a sandbox, so player decisions are going to matter a lot. As will inherent danger.

The game will be a full-loot open-world PVP experience, so the team is designing the experience to avoid players being vulnerable by getting locked in a gathering animation.Yet, if you want to be a crafter or someone who gathers for yourself or for trading, they're working on ways that you could have a safer experience, through gear or otherwise.

This also applies to resources, since the team wants them to be able to spawn pretty much anywhere as long as they follow certain rules for each type. Essentially, they want the world to feel alive and if you are constantly able to camp the same spawn point for resources, it becomes a little predictable. They want it to feel full of possibility, but competitive. Some resources will be much rarer, only spawning in certain places which means they will be fought over, affect territory control and competition, and could mean high-priced trades.

Of course, resources will  play a large part in Profane’s crafting system. You'll be able to craft armor from ore, build buildings with wood that you collect, and use plants and other resources to make potions.

For more, head over to Profane.


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