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Profane May Feature a Giant, Majestic Whale With a Resource Jackpot, or a Trophy Opportunity

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The most recent preview from the Profane team has shed some light on planning for a new creature, as-yet-unnamed, and its mechanics that have to do with resources. 

The creature is a large one, based on a whale. The size is intentional, because they wanted to belong in the world and be impressive in its proportions and look majestic and special, with valuable resources. But even though it's intended to be an imposing creature that makes you feel really small, their intentions are not to have it be aggressive or combat-focused. They’re still working on it, but this encounter will be about resources. Or sport, if you will.

Since they are creating what is in effect, a very large whale, some of its behavior will be based on real giant whales. They aren’t normally aggressive, but might show some in a defensive situation. What the Insane team is planning is that this creature will have rare resources attached to its body. Now, what this sets up is a resource extraction and harvesting encounter, which also opens the door to competition.

With valuable resources, it only makes sense that you're not the only one looking out for them and tasting your chance at treasure. But because the game is intended to be a player-driven sandbox, it's also going to be possible to hunt and kill the giant creature. Whether you seek out valuable resources or you decide that trophy hunting is more your thing, you will be able to decide which of those things you’ll be working for. Something this huge won’t be easy.

How this encounter might play out is still up in the air, “but it will definitely be a dynamic in the seas and will probably involve boats too”, according to one tweet. Further, there may be some additional challenges involved, such as having to hold onto its back somehow when gathering resources as it tries to shake you off. 

The community has a chance to suggest names for the creature, with the final designs, planning, and name still in the works. 

You can find out more about Profane over at its site.


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