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Profane Is An In-Deveopment Sandbox MMORPG From Insane, Check Out Its Recent Reddit AMA

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Profane is billed as an open PvP, full loot sandbox MMORPG in development from creator INSANE Game Studio, and the team behind the upcoming MMO just recently hosted a Reddit Ask Me Anything, diving into the game in progress.

In case you haven't heard of Profane, it's being billed as a classless, level-less MMORPG with skill-based combat, open and full loot PvP set in a sandbox world. According to the developers, Profane will give players the opportunity to "build, destroy, and conquer villages, cities and empires." 

Players will be able to build, destroy, and conquer villages, cities, and empires.NPC behavior will be inspired by RTS games, dynamically spawning and growing in the game’s world. Cities created by NPCs can be evolved or destroyed by player’s actions, and players can also decide to create their own empire from scratch.

During the AMA, the team at INSANE talked about their development, stating that they started as a team of six people which has grown to 51 over the last eleven years. Profane isn't their frst game, having worked on mobile, social platforms and PC gamesin the past. However, INSANE's Diego Beltran says that the studio was always founded to work on an MMORPG.

"Before Profane, we worked on several different titles and made them available on different platforms: Mobile, Social and PC. But those projects were all intended for training our team to become mature enough to be able to develop a Sandbox MMORPG, which is what the company was founded to do."

The team also talked about the player-controlled territories, including requiring players and guilds who build a kingdom to actively  manage it instead of it just sitting passively by. This means taxing, regulating PvP, encouraging trade with other kingdoms and more. Additonally, INSANE's community manager talked a bit about how attacking and defending a structure will work, especially when players are offline.

It looks like Profane will feature the same kind of timers and immune timers that we see with structures in games like EVE Online, with different layers of shields and periods of invulnerability to give defenders the chance to push back if they are offline when the attack started. 

"Housing will be able to be attacked but it will have shields. Every time you attack a player’s house and take out its total HP you will remove one of its shields and then it will be temporarily immune. When all shields are destroyed, the house goes down and you can loot everything inside. Of course, players will be able to repair their shields to prevent that. For the pre-alpha, houses had 6 shields and each of them gave 6 hours of immunity to the house when destroyed. So for a house that was constantly attacked, it would last 36 hours minimum before it could be destroyed. If you had your house on a hidden spot or a spot where it's not a common passage for other players, it could last much more."

As far as when you can get your hands on Profane, the team is saying that they will be taking their time to ensure it's ready when it releases. However, the team has released a roadmap on their own subreddit, breaking down their April and beyond roadmap.

"If we rush things, we might end up losing some quality or developing things not how we intend to. Or releasing it with fewer features, and end up hurting the first experience of our players in Semisus (the world of Profane)."

If you're looking for a new sandbox PVP MMORPG, it might be worth checking out the full AMA to see if what is being built with Profane is for you. There isn't any indication as to when the MMO will release, though interested players can sign up for the closed-alpha on the Profane website.


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