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Profane Devs Showcase Development Progression in a 2021 in Review Video

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 As the year comes to an end, many MMORPG devs are looking back. When it comes to games still in development, reflecting on the year that has passed is a good opportunity to show how far that development has come. This is true for the Profane team, who made a compilation of various video clips and sneak peeks released throughout the year of how the game has progressed.

We get a look at the environments, the water, the morph system for clothing and armor, character creation,the day and night cycle for Semisus, and more. These videos combined many of the updates that we've gotten throughout the year, showing things like hair options or beard options in character creation, and just giving us an overall taste of what we can expect from the style and scope of the upcoming sandbox.

Other interesting elements of the video compilation are the peeks at the primordial elements. These elements each have a specific shape and a design theme, complete with colors as well. So we can look at those themed visual effects tests and development to get a taste of what we can expect from the powers and elements so important to the game. 

From the beginning of the video through the end of the 7-minute runtime we can see even how things have improved and gotten more polished over time. Development will continue in the new year, and the team is looking forward to 2022, thanking the community for all its support along with the new video:

“Although we weren't able to get everything as planned (especially all the tests we know you are eager to have), we are very proud of what we have achieved as a team, and we are confident the decisions we've made are the right ones on the long-term, for the success of our game.

We want to take this opportunity to thank everyone that is with us during this journey, no matter how you participated”

For more on Profane, see the official site.


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