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Profane Devs Release Content Roadmap, Follow Up With More On 'NFTs' April Fools' Joke

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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The development team at Profane recently released  a roadmap that lets you see where they have been progressing, and how far along certain features are in the process. They've also followed up last week's April Fool's joke, NFT wings, with a new video statement about the potential future of NFTs and Profane.

The development roadmap is documenting just how far they've come in the current Alpha for 2022. It's divided into a number of categories including architecture, access, movement, character creation, basic combat, chat, HUD, skills and stats, and more. All these categories are divided into color-coded systems that show just how far the team is in implementation. You can go to the roadmap page and see certain features have  a dark blue bar around them, which means they haven't started work at all on those features yet. If it has a light blue bar, they started work.  a green bar means that that feature is basically complete. There's further color coding showing that if something is in development, if there are red squares it's in early development, orange squares starting integration, and green meaning complete.

Once you go through the features list it becomes easy to understand and see exactly where they're going next and what they've been working on. Features that are complete include Movement which includes the basic player movement, swimming, climbing, and the dreaded falling. The character creation system, and basic combat are also complete. 

The team also released an April Fool's joke last Friday about NFT wings becoming available. they followed this joke up today with a take on NFT games, saying that It seems more that "games are being implemented on the NFTs" instead of the NFTs being included into games along with the promise that these will not be in Profane unless “NFT finds a new purpose among games”.

Find out more over at Profane.


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