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Profane Devs Preview a Forest-Dwelling Challenging New Mount to Tame

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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The latest development preview from the Profane team is showing off concept art of a creature that you can tame to use as a mount. 

Development continues on all aspects of the world and mounts are getting a little bit of the spotlight this time. The pre-alpha had just one mount available, the Wolfhog, but now they’re sharing something new that could assist you in making your mark in this world, the Alyacaw.

These creatures, which look to take some inspiration from eagles and maybe griffons, also take some design inspiration from cats. 

“ They are very sneaky creatures that prey on smaller ones and, in some ways, it behaves much like felines in the real world. Alyacaws are also swift and agile, using pounces to surprise and dominate their prey.” 

These large feline and eagle inspired creatures are feathered and can react to threats by essentially puffing themselves up. If you face one and you see it doing this in response to feeling threatened, you might want to get out of its way. They will be able to use their beaks for pecking, but it’s apparently their pounce you really have to look out for.

If you can get past all of that, then comes the opportunity to try and tame one. If you succeed in this challenge, you can use it as a mount or for transporting small amounts of cargo. You’ll also be able to congratulate yourself on getting this fast and formidable creature for you to count on.

With recent looks at what to expect in the game including player cities, settlements, and  progress on NPC development, and an ongoing updated roadmap, Collectively these updates are beginning to lend an idea of what we can expect from the world. Of course this new mount won’t be the last we can expect, but it’s still something that adds to the flavor or what we’ve already seen coming together.

Find out more about Profane over at the official site.


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