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Profane Community Update Introduces More on Player Cities and Settlements

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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In the weekly community development update for Profane, we get a look at concepts and what we might be able to expect from player settlements and cities.

With Profane being developed as a sandbox and players having lots of control over their own journeys, player contributions to the space is important, and they are planning how to support player-created spaces and how everyone can have a part in shaping the world.

In some of the concepts shared, we see an altar at the center of settlements. Altars will be something you’ll want to build if you’re creating a settlement, since it will unlock both the Protection Zone and Domination Zones.

The first marks the size of your guild’s domination over the land and let you do things like set taxes and other rules. The second means that you’ll be able to extend protection to any buildings within a particular zone so they won’t have to solely rely on individual protective measures. This protection will also apply offline and give your settlements and cities some passive defenses you can build up. The protection, which has an as yet to be determined scope, only applies to buildings within, so be ready to plan for how to protect yourself and others. 

Establishing a Protection Zone will also let you build walls, but they won’t be protected within it, since that is, again, just for buildings. Walls won’t be unprotected though, since you’ll be able to shore them up individually, similar to buildings. While you have a zone applied to buildings you’ll still want to individually protect them too to add layers. Walls are planned to have several layers of defense before attackers can get inside and put your settlement (and its altar) at risk.

When it comes to settlements and cities, you’ll be able to build a trading post and other helpful features within your guild’s holdings (Domination Zone). These could include things like guard towers, lumber mills, mines, or even training facilities. It’s your call how deep you’ll want to go in the name of production and protection. 

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