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Producer's Letter Introduces Rift Prime, a Subscription Based Progression Server

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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The latest producer's letter has been published on the Rift site to take a look back at the accomplishments in 2017 as well as to introduce a new server type called "Rift Prime". These servers will see players start fresh and will feature both a subscription revenue model and progression advancement through the game's expansions and content. There will be no lockboxes, a "significantly reduced store" and more current store items available through game play.

A few facts from the blog:

  • Prime servers will progress through content at a more rapid pace than that of the original launch
  • "dynamically matching characters to their current zone's level"
  • "dungeons dropping loot specific to your character's true level"
  • profession caps available to a single character
  • participation awards that are unlocked across your account, even to characters on other servers

PvP will also be undergoing some changes in 2018 after the launch of the Prime server. This will include a new game mode and allowing servers to go "full PvP".

For PvE, players can look forward to the revamp of a classic raid and the 7th anniversary will feature some new activities for players.

We change and experiment with many things here on the RIFT team, trying out new things in the game or even trying changes to our business model. One of the other areas we often change and evolve is the way the team is actually organized, and who is responsible for what. In that vein we are changing the way we do class balance and changes. We have many exceptional designers on the team who will work collaboratively on classes and balance rather than placing it on a single individual – spreading around the ideation, and responsibility will be better for the whole team, and for all of you!

Check out the full post on the Rift site.

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Suzie Ford

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