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Producer's Letter and Dev Chat

Reed Hubbard Posted:
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SamhaynePS, the new PlanetSide producer, has posted a letter on the official website that discusses some of the upcoming changes to the game.

The PlanetSide Development Team is currently focused on improving the Core Combat play experience with an update in September, and then making the BattleFrame Robotics rock as hard as they can. I'm really excited about the BFRs, but concerned with overall game balance. I will be working with the team and you the players, to make them as fun as possible, but not to the point where they are overpowered or detracting from the game's overall balance. We aim to have BFRs up on Public Test for as much play testing as possible before making prime time. This should be starting sometime after the September update is done on Public Test (which could be as early as this week, depending on internal testing). Beyond that, we have the groundwork laid for more ways to advance your characters in the Merit Commendations system and more, more storyline to advance, prospects for more varied and exciting gaming locations and whole host of great ideas and possibilities to keep PlanetSide as the best Massively Multiplayer Online First Person Action Game ever!

On top of that, a Stratics Chat was held with SamhaynePS and the Community Relations Manager for PlanetSide, SporkfirePS, on September 7.  The chat covers a number of topics about the future of the game.

<Elm> <CodeZeroX>Question for Devs: Will there ever be a graphics upgrade like what happened in EQ? Or a Physics engine upgrade?
<SamhaynePS>Well, given that we are still only a year old, we don't have short term systems engine upgrades in the queue. For some of our players we already push their machines hard enough and have been working to make PlanetSide easier on them.
<SamhaynePS>But, of course as we age, we will need to be keeping up with the Jones'.

<Elm> <Dragoneye> About the BFRs- Can you give us some examples of the types of weapons that they will carry? If not, can you tell us when we'll be getting information like that?
<SporkfirePS> That sort of information will be released on the web site in its series of articles over the next couple of weeks.
<SporkfirePS> But on a very general level...
<SporkfirePS> BFR's will be equipped with a pretty wide array of weapons that can be swapped out so that they take on different roles. So, you can configure a AA BFR or a AI BFR as the situation warrants.

Both items may be accessed from the official PlanetSide website, which you may visit by clicking here.


Reed Hubbard