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Preview Tower of Fantasy's Coming Expansion, the City of Mirroria, a New Boss, and More

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Tower of Fantasy’s next update is coming, and today via the Gamespot Swipe mobile gaming showcase, Hotta Studio presented an all-new preview of the update, and the mysterious city of Mirroria. 

The cyberpunk-themed city will be part of the Vera expansion, which will be adding a new region to the already-explorable Aida. The city will be ready for players to explore when the update launches, and there’s even a futuristic transport designed to save you time and energy in getting around. 

In addition to the futuristic city, there will be much to explore, the team promises, and the reflective surfaces of the city also hide some new dangers. The preview also shows off a new boss, touting the traditional but futuristic design, but also the potentially devastating powers and tricky teleport you’ll have to fight against. They promise that this will be one you’ll want to bring your best to battle with. 

It won’t all be mystery and danger (or will it?), as the video also shows off the museum and bar that will be among the other places you can stop into during your adventures around the new city. 

The Tower of Fantasy team has also previewed the arrival of Claudia, who is set to arrive in game on September 15th. Referred to as “the goddess of victory” by other Executors, she’s an inspiring presence, but there’s a nightmare side to it all too. 

There will be more characters coming, but still no date just yet for the full expansion and when you can set foot in Mirroria. The city will be part of a big new expansion that will include other content, including new quests, and more places to explore. 

We reviewed Tower of Fantasy, and while there’s some gating and waiting, there’s a familiar and fun fantasy game in there.

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