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Preview the Region of Cardolan, Coming in the Lord of the Rings Online's Before the Shadow Mini-Expansion

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Cardolan is a zone featured in the upcoming Before the Shadow mini-expansion for The Lord of the Rings Online. Standing Stone Games is previewing Cardolan, diving into its history, structures, and lore.

Previous zone previews have covered the likes of Swanfleet, which is lush and lively, but Cardolan is rocky and, in much of the land, rather empty. Where the lands were once part of the North-kingdom of Arnor, there are winds and ruins in the current age. Where there are Orcs, there are some Rangers to take care of them and other dangers.

With Before the Shadow concentrating on the earlier part of the game and stories related to that time, the terrain here offers just one of the places you’ll be able to go adventuring with the new content. Of course, the rumblings and whispers happening will stir up some knowledge of what’s to come.

“Into this land have come servants and spies of the Enemy, some following Sauron and others bearing a new emblem: a white hand upon a field of black. And lately, folk recount in fearful whispers the passing of nine Riders, clad in black and riding black horses, who left a trail of horror behind them as they passed up the Road into the barrow-lands of Tyrn Gorthad.”

Overall, in the preview, we get a look and feel for a once-great land that has now changed. It’s home to some peoples, but they’re few and far between and have adapted to the broken lands, ruined bridges, and their way of life. Yet, with the darkness and shadows coming, this place holds some significance. Whether the people like it or not.

“The Orcs of the region have grown more dangerous. With Sauron ruling in Mordor once again, they have found the courage to come down out of the mountains and cross the rivers into Cardolan in ever-greater numbers. Even some Stone-trolls have roamed south, preying on the flocks and herds – and herdspeople – of the Hill-folk. At the same time, ruffians and odd Men of goblin-like aspect have crossed the fords at Tharbad, their designs unknown.”

Read the full Cardolan preview over at The Lord of the Rings Online.


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