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Preview The Musician Coming This Week With Blade & Soul's Symphony of Destruction Update

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Blade & Soul is offering up a guide to The Musician, the 15th class that will be arriving this week on October 12th in the Symphony of Destruction update. The ranged Musician is versatile for its options in specializations and, of course, the new music system in the game.

The ranged fighter that is The Musician is known for using a harp to make music into powerful effects. The class has two different specializations with different focuses. If you want to play solo or focus on DPS, you should try Way of the Divine. If you want to be a solid team support, you should go with Way of Harmony. 

The first specialization focuses on dealing damage and advantageous rotations, where you can use your harp to play music and intensify some of your abilities. The second specialization switches your character into Concerto stance where you can create boost zones for allies within to take advantage of. Among the advantages you can give include higher attack power, critical damage, Mystic, and other potential party bonuses.

There are strategies and pitfalls to be aware of for each specialization: Way of the Divine relies on careful timing for rotations, while Way of Harmony has a Sound Barrier meter to enable damage or healing skills. Both can use talents to further specialize.

The Musician can also independently compose music using the harp. You can enter something called Performance Stance. Using your skills will produce notes and you can lower the scale or increase it, which increases the notes you have access to 24. Adding a new class is one thing but they’re also adding a new music system with it. New World held its Summer Medleyfaire event and added a music system, and other games have long had the ability to play a tune, like The Lord of the Rings Online.

For more, see the Musician preview at Blade & Soul.


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