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Preview 'The Cradle of Dragon Civilization' in Dragonflight, Thaldraszus

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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 Dragonflight’s latest zone preview, along with the zone music, is for the mountainous Thaldraszus, known as “the cradle of dragon civilization”.

Blizzard’s dive into Thaldraszus centers on its diversity, from the biomes that make up the various parts of the zone, to the influence of both titans and the dragon civilization on everything from the buildings to the waterways that serve the region. 

The expansion’s story does have its roots in the reawakening of magic and the return of the dragonflights, with an emphasis on the history of these zones and the Dragon Isles themselves. The description of Thaldraszus almost seems to focus even more on the historical importance and influences here. 

“Thaldraszus”, the zone track by composer Jake Lefkowitz, does take on a mysterious tone at first, before it becomes a more sweeping track. You can almost imagine that transition accompanied by a dragon flying by. 

Because this zone in particular was so renowned for the influence of the titans and dragons, the distinctions between architectures remain, and so does that mystery. As the preview states, “The bronze dragons used the Temporal Conflux as a seat of power. Its vast libraries of knowledge contain the secrets of the timeways, as well as the Bronze Oathstone that symbolizes their calling to protect all time”.

Of course, the regional dungeons will also help to clear up some of what’s going on. The mysterious structure known as Tyrhold’s Halls of Infusion is located in Thaldraszus, and so is the Algeth’ar Academy. The latter is a dungeon where you might have nightmares about school because this was a place of learning for dragons. Since it has reopened and is looking for new students, Learn something new, but you also have to fight... the teachers. And sometimes, what they’ve unleashed.

Read the full preview over at World of Warcraft.


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