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Preview the City of Valdrakken, the Homes of the Dragonflights, Lore, Points of Interest and More

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Blizzard continues unveiling more about Dragonflight, this time, following an introduction to the zone of Thaldraszus, taking us into the dragon city of Valdrakken, its features, lore, and places of interest for the dragonflights and players too.

Valdrakken is the historic seat of power of the dragons, regarded as the cultured influence on the zone, and this shows through the types of areas the dragonflights contain. Blue Dragonflight has a large, central public library, you can find some members inside and even outside on the balcony overlooking the city. The Green and Red Dragonflights have huge gardens filled with flora and are filled with color. 

The Black Dragonflight specializes a bit more in services and resourceful things, so you’ll find vendors for gear upgrades, PvP vendors, blacksmiths, and mining, among others. The Bronze Dragonflight is unique since it is home to the Timewalkers faction and its members study the timeways and their preservation.

Even as a section of the greater zone, Valdrakken is designed as a memorable and unique place, and exploring each part to uncover some of the history, learn about the lore, and even just to get some practical tasks out of the way, will be vital.

Other places of interest in Valdrakken are the Roasted Ram Inn and the Crafter’s Consortium. The Crafter’s Consortium  is the palace to train up crafting skills, but also the hub for the new crafting order system. The new system will let anyone place orders for various tiers and qualities of goods and crafters to fulfill them. If you’re a crafter, you could train here and then pick up some orders matching each advancement in your skill set as you progress in order to make some extra gold.

Of interest will also be the largest building in the city center, Seat of the Aspects, which will have portals to Orgrimmar and Stormwind.

Read the full Valdrakken preview over at World of Warcraft.


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