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Preview Outposts, Settlements, and Forts, and How to Plunder Them in Skull and Bones

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A recent devblog from the Skull and Bones team continues to prepare for the game’s November launch. This time, it’s an overview of what to expect from forts, settlements, and outposts you’ll encounter (and possibly, plunder).

When it comes to forts and settlements you will find people living there, and the places themselves controlled by different local factions. You've got the gold, most of them will be happy to set some rules for you to restock supplies or to trade with the people on these locations. Each of these locations are divided into different tiers. 

The higher tiers correlate with the types of  resources and level of resistance you can expect when you come to these forts or settlements. This gives you an idea of what you can do, depending on how seasoned of a sailor you are and what you've accomplished so far. If you haven't done much, you might want to stick to the lower tiers for a while and build up your skills and ship.

Settlements might be like established small towns or cities or barely a camp, so there will be varying opportunities where you sail. Some settlements have a lot more features, like production sites for lumber or metals, or places to trade.

Outposts are more places to bring a ship for repair and some quick supplies. Yet, sometimes here’s where golden trade opportunities or valuable contract work might find you. 

Forts are forts. They’re robust, stocked, well-defended, and those there have access to wealth and resources. 

If you've decided on the pirate's life, there's always the potential for plunder. Nearly locations can be plundered, but there are a whole series of factors involved in just how difficult it will be to attempt it. If it’s dark, and people are asleep, you might get to make a clean surprise attack. 

Don’t try to plunder a fort unless you’re ready to bust down heavy defense and withstand the strongest of attacks. 

For more on these locations, features, and strategy of plunder, head to Skull and Bones.


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