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Preview New Choices and Old Favorites in World of Warcraft's Priest Talent Tree Coming in Dragonflight

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With plans full steam ahead for Dragonflight's release later this year, Blizzard has already noted that there will be major updates to World of Warcraft classes, with the reintroduction of talent trees and changes from what you might have remembered before. Now, there's a new preview of what things might look like for the Priest.

Previously, they shared some of the design philosophy behind bringing back talent trees and some of the changes going ahead, along with a preview of the Druid and Death Knight trees. Now, we see a bit of what we can expect for the Priest. 

Ultimately, they want to give players the flexibility to customize their builds,  and this will sometimes lead to imbalances and they admit that it is possible  to make things that kind of suck. They will have guardrails in place for that, but because their intention is to give players freedom, there's room to make choices that don't quite work.

Where the Priest trees, they're looking to bring back old favorites, something new, and give players choices that may not have necessarily been available. 

“The core tree presents new choices that weren't previously available for some specializations, such as: Shadowfiend, Shadowflame Prism, Holy Nova, Twins of the Sun Priestess, and more.”

There’s also a special consideration for the new choices that will be available to Shadow Priests. They’re removing Dark Thoughts in favor of something called Vampiric Insight, which may cause cooldowns to reset on Mind Blast and cause the next Mind Blast to be instant.

“The reasoning is Dark Thoughts placed a large emphasis on Mind Flay and made it feel mandatory to keep it always channeled to roll for a proc.”

When it comes to Priest, so far this early design preview ( they’re sharing it with placeholder names and details)  does align with Blizzard’s outlined philosophy of wanting to offer options and make many choices feel like choices rather than obligatory. 

You can read the full preview over at World of Warcraft. 


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