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Preview Neverwinter Northdark Reaches' Temple of the Spider Rework

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Neverwinter: Northdark Reaches, coming November 8th, was announced yesterday as the next content module for the MMO, in collaboration with RA Salvatore and son Geno Salvatore. Now, the team has a preview of one of the features of this update, the revamped Temple of the Spider dungeon.

The Temple of the Spider story involves a High Priestess of Lolth who has been discovered to be a Secret Moondancer and brought to the temple for her judgment. Lolth, known as the Queen of Spiders, is not exactly known to be a merciful judge, especially when it comes to being betrayed by one of her own. Clearly, this priestess will need some help, so this is where you come in. If you take on this dungeon, you’ll have to take on a series of Lolth loyalists in order to complete your mission. 

These include Halbyrn Darkstalker, who stalks the dark halls and is known to be a highly skilled, stealthy rogue with a supply of explosives, traps, and tricks in case of need. Da’Zora Mizzrym is there and charged with dealing out the punishment to the priestess for being a traitor. She’s a powerful priestess herself, and you should prepare to face her own formidable magic reflection of Lolth’s power.

The reworked dungeon will be available in both Normal and Master difficulty, with different criteria for entrance for each difficulty level.  

Of course, if you’re victorious over the Lolth faithful, you can walk away with some new shinies. The rewards include some new rings, each with some spider-inspired designs. These can be worn for bonuses and combined into the Dark Maiden set for extra benefit. 

There are also some achievements to unlock, and if you manage to get them all, you’ll get a Lolth-Blessed Armor transmute and a new title, Web Hacker.

Read the preview over at Neverwinter.


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