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Preview Mad World's NPC Voiceovers and See a Dark New Trailer Before Next Week's Final Alpha

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With the final alpha test set to begin on May 25th, there are some additional previews for cross-platform HTML5 based action MMO  Mad World. There is a new video where we can hear what an NPC voiceover sounds like, and a final alpha trailer that expands on the prior teaser.

The NPC voiceover sample released is in the original Korean and we can get an idea of what the NPCs might sound like and see them within the dark game world. There was a small note in the tweet presenting the video that says, "If Mad World continues to be loved the full voice..." and it seems to be hinting at possibilities for more voice work in the game if the game is a success. It’s not completely clear, and as yet stands alone, but we’ll have to see if Jandisoft has more announcements to make regarding added game flavor like voiceover work.

Also out recently is a new trailer that is longer, more in-depth, and builds on the brutal first teaser released for the final alpha. This one emphasizes the cruel and dark world, the horrific monsters, but also a bit of hope in co-op gameplay. Players will be able to fight alongside each other, and when it comes to MMOs, being able to sink into a challenge alongside a good team is a real highlight when it comes together.

Mad World’s promotion so far has focused on the brutality of the world, a world that has been changed and grown dark. There are some sparks of hope, but they will be few and far between, at least at first, and maybe forever if the evil ultimately wins.

The final alpha will start on May 25th at 11:00 am KST (which converts to 10PM on May 24th for Eastern time and 7PM for Pacific. It will run through May 31st at 4pm KST / 3 AM Eastern /midnight Pacific.

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