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Preview Islands and Lore As The Wagadu Chronicles Prepares for Second Alpha Test This Month

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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The Wagadu Chronicles is preparing for its second alpha test, which will run from September 12th-26th. The team is sharing some info about what to expect and is still accepting applications to take part.

There’s a new look at a map of the 5th Era islands that will be explorable in the game. These islands have their own features and histories, and now we can know a little more about what awaits. New characters–new Fallen–will start in the Mara-Tatu archipelago, which features a central island called Kuanza, where new characters will find themselves. Other islands described include the two resource-rich islands accessible via a harbor. These islands are Uhura, a grassland with a central abandoned village, and the island of Sayari, an uninhabited land of forests.

When it comes to resources, these will be important as in any MMO, but in this new alpha, you’ll be able to test out the farming system for the first time. With crops in The Wagadu Chronicles based on real, indigenous African produce, there are discoveries to be made. Also relevant is the updated crafting system in the coming test, including advanced crafting options. The changes include the ability to dye clothing.

It seems likely those two resource rich islands will help you along with all of this.

Also present in the maps preview is the characteristic deep lore of the game. Upon describing warnings on stones and in abandoned scrolls about a Red Ancestor invasion, “The whispers of the local spirits reveal that this group of Ancestors, former enemies of the settlements previous inhabitants, believe the new fallen to be undeserving of the land and are said to be planning a takeover. The only solution seems to lie in intimidating them through a developed settlement and a strong sense of community."

Community has a place at the heart of the game, based on all reveals so far, including creating and building up your village to thrive. 

For more on the game, see The Wagadu Chronicles. To apply for alpha, go here.


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