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Preview Dragonflight Zones and Zone Music for The Waking Shores and Ohn'ahran Plains

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Blizzard continues to prepare us all for Dragonflight, with two new zone previews, including their accompanying musical theme tracks. Explore The Waking Shores and The Ohn'ahran Plains, the Dragonflight starting area and one of the subsequent zones.

The Waking Shores is a zone that rests upon an ancient home known for elemental power. This starter zone is now awakening from a 10,000 year dormant period after the dragonflights left. Now that things are stirring again, this will be the first glimpse of the Dragon Isles we get. The zone musical track in the preview is called “Lifepools Growth”, and it reflects what’s going on in the land. This zone features hot springs and geysers, as well as rivers. That old elemental energy is also awakening, and it will undoubtedly play a hugely important role in what’s to come.

According to the preview, “Waterways feed into the land's heart and the Life Pools of the red dragonflight. While millennia ago this area was populated with dragon architecture like the rest of the Broodlands, most of those structures have long since fallen into decay and become overgrown.”

“Lifepools Growth” is a quietly sweeping track with some sparkling elements notes to capture that sort of rebirth of a long-dormant land now refreshing itself and resuming its power.

Check out the full preview of The Waking Shores here.

The Ohn’ahran Plains is nearby, and also touched by geysers and water, but it more of a green, lush grassland. Here, the track “Ohn’ahran Plains” sounds like a fresh celebration of all the greenery and creatures within, and points of interest like the Emerald Gardens, a natural wonder that features calm waters. The zone comes off as a place you’ll probably want to get into and explore.

There are people to meet, like the Centaurs, and plenty of creatures thriving here. These rich lands feature the mammoth, the wolf-like Rockfang, and the Blue Hornstrider bird.

You can read the full Ohn’ahran Plains preview here


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