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Preview Diablo Immortal's Next Major Update, Splintered Souls, With New Zone, Challenges, and Familiars

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Diablo Immortal’s next major update, Splintered Souls, is bringing Familiars into the fray. In addition to the addition of Familiars, the update, coming December 14th, Adds a new zone, questline, a brand new event, additional Inferno difficulties, events, and more Helliquary bosses.

Mystical companions known as Familiars will be available starting with this update from a new vendor in Westmarch called Nizsa. Not only will they be able to help you in combat with their active and passive skills, they can also help you outside of combat with their particular traits. This means things like having your familiar salvage for you so you can concentrate on slaying enemies. 

Nisza also offers a new daily activity: The Rite of Cleansing. Cull monsters in Sanctuary to get Moonrite Flora, which you can amass and use to open up one of three events to challenge.

Also on the way in the update is a brand new zone, the Southern Dreadlands. Shaped by the destruction of the Worldstone, your main quest here will take you into the encampment of the Gray Wards. Throughout the zone, you’ll encounter those transformed by Worldstone shards into Shardborne and beasts. Storms with the splinters of the stone all over the place, and the danger will grow, in the form of new monsters and mini bosses.

Within, the Sentinel’s Stand tower defense-style zone event  will arrive to challenge your tactical flexibility. Maybe there’s a Sword of Justice at the end of the Gully of Madness for you. The update also brings new Inferno difficulties, IV, V, and VI, and new Soulhewn Reliquary bosses. Be ready for the Helliquary Surge, which has a chance to happen after you defeat any Helliquary boss on any difficulty. In one of these surges, there'll be a few random bosses spawning with reduced strength. Take them all down for additional rewards. 

There will be eight familiars coming in the update, and the preview  out today reveals five of them: Ashsweeper, Duskprowler, Myrrjen, Skitterwight, and Varog. 

Ash Sweepers are remnants of golems. The Duskprowler is seen in different ways. Some see them as feral cat spirit guardians, warding off evil spirits Others see them as a herald of disaster to come and needing to be appeased or else. Water-dwelling Myrrjen have been blamed for sailors’ ill fates, and even conjuring storms. The Skitterwight is a moth with larvae that emit hallucinatory auras and childlike cries. Finally, the Varog are said to watch over those traveling in forests…in exchange for your soul.

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