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Prepare to Try to Take Down the Novaquark Space Station in This Dual Universe Event

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With the upcoming Athena update on the way, there will be a new PTS event for Dual Universe  next week. The event, Fool's Defense,  lets you face the Novaquark team at the Novaquark space station. The team is encouraging all comers to try and destroy their space station and test the build.

The event will take place at 1400 UTC/10 AM Eastern time on April 1st and is in fact, not a joke. Join the developers from Novaquark on the PTS server and headto the PVP platform, claimed a ship and ammo and you'll be ready to fight. Once you get equipped and  team up, either with your own team or creating public groups, it will be time to coordinate and get ready to take on the dev team. since this is in PvP space, everybody is vulnerable and in the official announcement for the event, the developers also warned that there may be potential sabotage or traitors that might be in the ranks of the community side in order to try and spoil your fun. For those who need it, there will be a resurrection node publicly available at the PVP platform.

The Athena update promises a new system that will let the community engage in war of all kinds, including sieges and defenses. With the development team taking on the community, it may be likely that they'll put in everything they can to test out the systems and stress the servers as well as giving players a rewarding opportunity to get an idea what to expect when the update fully hits.

Speaking of rewarding, anyone that wins will be able to spin a Wheel of Foolish Fortune, where they can get great prizes or intentionally not great prizes. Because an event on April Fool's Day couldn’t be all straightforward. For more, see the official announcement over at Dual Universe 


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