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Prepare for the Doctor Who EVE Online Interstellar Convergence Event This Week

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Ahead of the first ever crossover for EVE Online and Doctor Who, CCP has created a page to prepare for the coming event. The Interstellar Convergence begins on Thursday, January 13th and is likely going to introduce some EVE players to Doctor Who and some Doctor Who fans to EVE.

So what can we look forward to? The event is open to all players but the team recommends using EVE Online’s recently introduced Skill Plan feature that lets you map out training paths. There are tutorial videos from EVE Academy on fitting your ship and learning how to scan and explore. This guide is aimed mostly at EVE Online newbies, but CCP has done a pretty good job updating the game and creating new experiences, like overhauling the new player experience, in the hopes of making things easier to discover the game.

Like any good overview for EVE Online, it covers industry, mining, trading and uses the Academy videos pretty well. For the event, CCP recommends several particular ships as well as two particular Skill Plans that should help players fight the Daleks. Those plans are Certified Militia Fighter and Mission Runner. And those ships include the Rupture T1, Omen, Caracal, and Vexor, all in their Abyssal T1 forms.

With this being the first event of its kind, taking place in a new sector just for the event too, it’s a change of pace. Bringing these two universes together makes sense when you look at the overall work CCP has been doing to expand access to the game, make it easier for new players to get on board, and even multimedia ventures like the recently launched comic miniseries. With a long history behind the game, CCP looks towards the future, and this Doctor Who event could leverage both fanbases well.

For more, head over to EVE Online for the full guide.


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