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Preorders Open for The Lord of the Rings Online's Mini Expansion, Before the Shadow

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The mini expansion for The Lord of the Rings Online, Before the Shadow, is available for pre-order. 

There's also a teaser for this new content, and while it's brief, it definitely gives a view of both the peaceful and the sinister threat brewing. This mini expansion is part of the effort to revamp the game and it is focused on the earlier levels of the game. The content here is aimed at levels 1-32 and includes four new Books for new characters, two new regions, Swanfleet and Cardolan, a new six-person instance, and a new Skirmish. 

The new Skirmish and instance can be played at any level between 20 and 140, so you can start a new character to take full advantage of the fresh content here or try at any level.

This mini-expansion also opens the new Delving difficulty system, where higher-level characters aren’t left out. The new system lets you increase the difficulty of Before the Shadow’s new missions and get rewarded for doing so. There's also a new themed missions wrapper that will add additional daily and weekly rotating missions that you can complete for rewards.

Before the Shadow has three editions at different price points. If you just want the content and an Elf dance emote, the standard edition is $19.99. The other editions, the Collector's Edition, and the Ultimate Fan bundle, will run you $59.99 and $99.99, respectively. The Collector's Edition comes with the content, an extra character slot,  improved Expedition supplies, a mount, the Valiant Steed of the Dúnedain & War-steed, a heron pet, and more. That nearly $100 bundle has all those things as well as additional goodies to help you with your adventuring, including additional bank storage and more.

Read more and see all of the full option details over at The Lord of the Rings Online.


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