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Pregistration Open for Ragnarok Origin North American Release

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Ragnarok Origin, Gravity's new mobile MMO in the Ragnarok Online franchise, has opened its pre-registration for the upcoming North American release. 

Ragnarok Origin is at its heart, Gravity’s own reimagining of Ragnarok Online for mobile with modern graphics, combat improvements, new and redesigned quests, and classic MMORPG adventure. Midgard seems likely to be both refreshed and familiar, there for exploration once you pick your initial class from the originals - Swordsman, Mage, Merchant, Archer, Thief, and Acolyte. Set out into the open world, where there will be four cities and dozens of dungeons to play through, as well as both new and classic Ragnarok creatures to take on. Also expect plenty of customization options both in the base as well as in the shop.

New with the jump to mobile, there's also an option to play solo when a group isn't available. This doesn't mean just exploring alone though. You'll be able to recruit NPC mercenaries to accompany you on your adventure. 

If you're interested, pre-registration is now open for North American release on iOS and Android, and the more registrations, the more launch rewards there will be. Everybody will get a launch bundle  just for signing up with email, and the first tier of registration rewards has also been unlocked. This comes with a stat boosting ring, three boxes of potions, and a gym pass that increases inventory space, but as the number of registrations grows, up to 1,000,000, the bonus starter items get even better. Higher tier bonus loot ranges from bank expansion passes, a hairstyle change ticket, stat boosts, an item that lets you reset your job points, in-game currency, and even a cute Poring hat. 

Head over to the Ragnarok Origin site to pre-register for the upcoming closed beta and sign up for the starter pack, as well as to see the full potential rewards available if registrations reach new milestones. There is no announced closed beta date yet, but opening the doors now should mean we will know more very soon.


Christina Gonzalez

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