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Pre-Registration Campaign With Rewards Opens For Upcoming Blockchain-Based Dekaron G

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Pre-registration has begun for Dekaron G, the latest reboot of an older MMORPG, in this case the original Dekaron. The game is the global rebrand of Dekaron M, which is on mobile in Korea. 

This global version of the game will be released first on mobile and later on PC, so pre-registration has first opened for both Google Play and iOS. The pre-registration campaign will be open through October 16th, so expect the launch around then. There will, of course, be rewards for those who sign up, and these include several types of potions, defense scrolls, an accessory, and Dil, the in-game currency.

Dekaron G is also designed to incorporate blockchain elements, although there is still little about this ‘play to earn’ element just yet. What we do know is that it will be onboarded onto WEMADE’s WEMIX platform. 

There’s a recently-released  cinematic trailer for the game too, and that came tagged with a #crypto hashtag, so we can probably expect this to be notable. Though it seems that we’ll have to wait and see what this will look like.

The cinematic trailer is packed with ominous whispers and lots of fire and battle. Similar to the original Dekaron, this looks like dark fantasy action. One mysterious female character is all in white light and a male soldier, who has just been through difficult battles, are each on the opposite side of a giant boss. Then, she jumps into action and sets off a chain of events that change things for that soldier.

There isn’t too much yet on the Dekaron G website, but the announcement did mention improved maps, more realistic visuals, and more work done. The game's site has officially opened and the team is promising more info coming soon, as well as events leading to launch and beyond. We’re left with no gameplay just yet, but as this is a rebrand of Dekaron M, that should be on the way.

For more on the game, or to pre-register, head over to Dekaron G.


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