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Pre-Participation Events Detailed

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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Inixsoft has announced that Thanatos players can get a head start on the October 1st launch by participating in a special "pre-participation" series of events.

These events include:

  • Invitation event: if a user invites other user during this even period, many items will be given as gifts when the inviter and the invited reach level 11 and level 21. Even more, when the invited reaches level 11, the inviter will have chance to be enlisted on “The best inviter” Hall of Honor. The more friends you invite, the higher will be the chance to be enlisted in the Hall of Honor.
  • GM surprise events: GM may give you a surprise mission. Rich rewards are waiting for you to clear the mission.
  • New users: Gifts will be given to all users by simply connecting to game. Users can obtain various convenient items for every sector whenever achieves level up.

Find out more on the Thanatos site.


Suzie Ford

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